EST. 12/11/2010

Hi! This is my nail blog! I have a couple blogs, Aunie Sauce (about my life & personal style) and Bye Bye Beehive (a 365-day hair project)... and I've made this one just to have some fun. There won't be any drama. Just my own fun nail designs and creations. Now, let's be upfront here: 
  • am not a nail tech. 
  • am not professionally trained. 
  • I consider polishing my nails a hobby.
  • I don't buy polish just to have it. If I don't have a color like it and I think I could use it to create a cool nail design, I will probably buy it. But it's not my goal to have every polish in the book.
  • I love to play with polish and designs. 


    1. Where did you find that nail polish holder-thingy-mo-bob? Thanks to you, i am just as addicted to painting my nails as you! Well, maybe not completely, but i have gathered to many nail polishes!

    2. You're awesome :) And I got it on Ebay :)

    3. I [almost] refuse to pay for a mani so this will be fun to get ideas from! Great idea :)


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