Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Black and White Bird Nail Wraps

OMG bird nail stickers, nail wraps
OMG bird nail stickers, nail wraps
Nail Stickers: c/o OMG Nail Stickers, Ring: c/o The Vintage Pearl

These real nail polish nail stickers are so fun! I received them from OMG Nail Strips and I'm in love with the fun design. They have many more to choose from here.

Applying these stickers is so easy. They have instructions here. I found that most of the stickers fit my nails perfectly, though I did have to trim a couple with scissors to make them narrow enough for my nails. They are said to last 10 days, and while I don't doubt that they may last that long for some people, I already have a few chips and I've only had them on for 3 days. But hey, these are so affordable that I don't mind one little bit.
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