Monday, March 5, 2012

Femme Leopard

This last week,
I needed (not wanted, needed) to do my nails
in a way that was professional, yet feminine.

I opted for a light pink funky French tip.
I freehanded the French tip with 2 coats of China Glaze Empowerment
and 1 coat of OPI Princesses Rule!
I cleaned up my lines with acetone and a nail brush.

A couple days later, I just wasn't loving the simple pink.
When do I ever just leave anything be?
I added some bright leopard with a dotting tool
and acrylic craft paint... you know... just to jazz it up a bit.

Which do you like better... the classy or jazzy?

P.S> I know the bouncy ball doesn't match... 
but it's a "blessing ball" that I've been carrying with me all week...
Let's cross our fingers that it works!



  1. So cute. Hopr the ball works

  2. I had to order french manicure stickers because I cant seem to get them right without a template.When you freehand them how do you clean them up without acetone without ruining the paint that you already have on the base of the nail?

  3. Hey girl long time no see, Hows married life? Love this it's so pretty! Hope all is well. :)


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