Monday, December 5, 2011


Oh, this look was so simple! I'm not usually a fan of metallics, but China Glaze Millennium rocked this look. I applied 2 coats of Millennium to my nails, and 2 coats of China Glaze Blue Paradise to my accent nail. And of course... I took it easy and freehanded the snowflake with a metallic Sharpie. Cuz that's how I roll, yo.


  1. OMGosh CUTE!! Gooooo Sharpies! More Sharpie art, please. I love this. I may just have to steel it...I mean borrow it...from you.

  2. Gorgeous! I absolutely love the accent nail. I definitely want to try this sharpie idea :)

  3. Ooooo - so pretty! Never thought of using metallic Sharpie! I love, love, love it!


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