Monday, November 14, 2011

It's A... Bubbly Girl...

I have always thought the color It's A Girl, by OPI, was very pretty. Unfortunately, every time I use it, the dang thing bubbles on me like crazy. Now, this time I'll admit-- I was in a hurry while applying my polish. But still... it's quite annoying!

For this natural (almost) pink glitter look, here are the steps I followed:
  1. Apply 1 coat of CND Stickey base coat
  2. Apply 3 coats of OPI It's A Girl
  3. Apply 1-2 coats of Wet 'N' Wild Party of Five Glitters on the accent nail
  4. Finish with 1-2 coats of CND Super Shiney top coat
I'm sure this polish wouldn't have bubbled if I had taken my time and not have had to polish on 3 coats. However, I'm a huge fan of low-maintenance polishes, and It's A Girl just isn't that polish for me. Oh well... that just means I'll have to do my nails again sooner than later... and that's good for you, right?


  1. Don't you just hate those dang bubbles?! People always ask me what to do about that and I never know what to tell them because it's such an individual problem. ANYWAY...this pink is really pretty and your accent finger is perfect to spruce it up a bit.

  2. So cute - I love the accent nail. :)

  3. Very cute=) I like it=)
    Im a new follower, check out my blog in return.

    Button Swap=)?.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I'm not 100% on what you mean by 'bubbled' so hopefully that's a good thing for me because maybe I've never had this happen to me? Wishful thinking, I know. :-)


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