Wednesday, September 7, 2011

All Hail Andy

My birthday was 2 weeks ago, and my younger (not by much) sister's birthday was this last weekend. Due to the holiday weekend, I decided to go to Seattle for a celebratory trip. I got to see all my extended family, and did some shopping with my newly-engaged sister and mom. Also-- she bought a wedding dress for her anticipated wedding next August... how exciting!

Anyway, when I arrived in Seattle my sister had a fabulous birthday gift waiting for me. But the surprise was that her fiancè had also gotten me not one-- but three gifts! He picked me out a beautiful pair of hand-cut silver earrings, a cute book, and 2 butter LONDON nail polishes. I don't even own any butter LONDON! What a gem, right? My sister is super lucky... and I can't wait to welcome this future brother into our family. So without any further adieu, Andy... thank you for this nail polish and inspiring this week's look!

  • 1 coat of CND Stickey base coat
  • 2 coats of butter LONDON All Hail The Queen
  • Flower nail art painted with black, purple (you can't see it) and white craft paint and a dotting tool
  • 2 coats of CND Super Shiney top coat
P.S. I'm usually not a fan of neutral polishes... but this one just rocks my socks. It's very chic and sophisticated, if you're going for a downplayed look. I love it!!


  1. I really like this. I'm not usually one for brown polish, but this one looks a little different. I like your accent nail, too.

  2. I wore this one yesterday!! Hope you enjoyed our weather here in Seattle, we've finally have had some nice weather this summer.

  3. Wow awesome color , it's so pretty and elegant. Thanks for sharing! :)


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