Sunday, May 8, 2011

Designer Toes By Lyndsey

I love to do my own nails. We all know this. But do you know that I detest doing my toes? It's not that it's hard... it's more along the lines of:
  1. I have ugly feet
  2. I'm a runner, and when I run my polish chips off really easily
  3. Sheesh, spending 30 minutes hunched over to do nail art on your toes is not only not worth it for me, but it's a pain in my back! Literally!
  4. Did I mention I have ugly, runner's feet?
Therefore, when it comes to toes, you can typically see me making a beeline to the salon for a pedicure. The problem is that no matter who, myself or the salon, does my toes with polish, it chips completely off after 2-3 runs. It's just horrible.

Recently, a super-fun girl who I went to high school with messaged me on Facebook and offered to do my toesies with some fun nail art. You know I wasn't about to turn that offer down! I went and visited her at the salon she works at here in Meridian, Idaho called Bermuda Tan. Conveniently enough, it's right by my house. SCORE. (Lyndsey, this means it will be convenient to stop by after work quite often... woo hoo!!!)

I went in expecting to have the OPI Axxium Gel done... but Lynsdey suggested an acrylic overlay instead. I was all about it. It's acrylic that is laid right over your natural nail. That means no crazy tips or long nails. It sounded perfect, especially since my runner's toes are quite distorted (I even have a black one from my most recent half marathon... gross) and she was able to shape them to look nice and pretty.

After looking at her incredible arrangement of colors (she had so many to-die-for glitters), I went with something a little fun and crazy. We picked out a white glitter acrylic and she did a zebra design on top with black acrylic paint and a dotting tool. Shoot... I thought I could do a decent zebra pattern... but she puts me to shame. She sealed the design with 2 coats of OPI Gel top coat and some UV light and I was set to go! Woo-wee!

This is the best my toes have looked in a long time. And not only that, but this will last a whole month. It is also super shiny... I'm just absolutely in love!!!

 OK, ladies. If you're in the Boise area you need to stop by and check Lyndsey out. This is not only cute, but affordable. And it lasts a whole month. You really can't beat it. Oh, and did I mention how nice and awesome she is? You will have a blast while she glamors-up your toes. In case you're interested, her number is (208) 412-3256. I don't think I even want to wait a whole month to go back! I'm definitely already thinking of what to do next :)
Lucy the Fuzz wanted in on the photo shoot. She said, "Mama! We match! Black & white!" ... Yes, I'm a dork.
 *I was not paid to write this post. My toes were done as a complimentary service.


  1. So pretty! Need to do a pedi soon as well...can't stand looking at my feet

  2. The last picture is SO cute! I know that look though... I get that look in my doggie's pictures when I have to say something like "Will you look over here if I give you a TREAT!?" haha!

  3. Now THAT is a good looking pedi!! :)

  4. Thanks, ladies! And thank you Lyndsey!

    And shimmerspark... that's exactly what I said to get her to make that face! Haha!!

  5. I did a copycat of your hawaiian nails (I hope you don't mind!)I credited you and linked back to your blog. Anyways the link is . Take it as a compliment! Love ur stuff girl! -Christina


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