Sunday, April 10, 2011

My First Franken Attempt

Today as I was browsing Sally Beauty Supply, I stumbled upon a lovely little pot of flakies. They're usually meant for gel nails, but I couldn't help but picking them up in hopes of creating my first franken. I also picked up a bottle of Orly Shine On Crazy Diamond to mix with the flakies.

Here's what I used:

I wanted it to be simple and make a statement. And yes, that's a funnel made from a Post-It note.

I ended up adding about a full teaspoon of flakies to the glitter polish. I probably did not need to add that much... but it just sort of happened.

I was in love with the polish as soon I mixed it.

It was so cool. Unfortunately, as it sat for a while, the beautiful black rainbow flakies began to change into silvery chrome flakies as the finish came off of them. How lame. 

1 hour after mixing
3 hours after mixing

It's now basically a glitter/flakie polish with holographic glitter and silver flakies. It's still rather cool, but definitely not what I was going for. I have decided to name it Nickel and Dime-mond, because I totally feel like it nickel-and-dimed me. 

As for my first frankening attempt... um... it was OK. I'm not too impressed, but next time will hopefully be better.


  1. that looks cool!! could you do a swatch?

  2. if only the colors didn't melt off!! that would have been so ridiculously awesome i would have had to go to sally's tomorrow in hopes of finding the same stuff. haha!

  3. Congrats on your foray into frankening. Its all part of the game to have winners and not-so-winners. Great learning experience and still a great franken.

  4. Silence is Loud: Yes! I will be swatching it. I had planned on using it today but wanted to wait for all the "melting" of the flakies to finish to make sure it wasn't completely destroyed.

    Rebecca: I know! Dangit! Sally's has the BEST arrangement of loose flakies. I want more!!

    And Thanks Laquer Ware :) It did turn out sort of cool. You don't find many silvery flakies out there so I'm happy with it.

  5. Awesome, I need to try Frankening some day! I can't wait to see what it looks like on your nails! :)

  6. Oh no!! Wow, before the colors melted off, it looked insane!!! I hate when that happens :(

  7. Even though it's still a "fail" to you, could you swatch it for us? I'd like to see what it turned out to be :D

  8. HAHAHA You are soo funny!!! :) I'd like to see a swatch anyways, even though it pooped out on you.

    I have these huge Martha Stewart glitters in fine and tinsel (the skinny rectangles) and they come in literally every color like brown and black... They are seriously the best loose glitter out there. I mix them with nail polish, top coats, acrylic, glue, etc. The color NEVER runs or washes out. It's really pricey, but if you ever want to invest in glitter, go for Martha Stewart, she also makes hearts and stars.

  9. Obsessed- Thank you! I'm going to have to try it!!!


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