Sunday, April 17, 2011

Big Lots Love

I was pleasantly surprised recently with Big Lots and I wanted to share what I found!

OK, no offense, Maybelline, but the white and the black polishes are super-horrible. I didn't even bother writing their names down because they're pretty much trash. However, that orange treat you see on the left is Pink Pinata. Let me show you why I bought it...

Um, flakie amazing-ness. It was pretty much love at first sight. I also found this beauty by Revlon that everyone seems to rave about:

Perplex! They had a TON of them.

In addition, a little surprise came for me Thursday! Holly over at sent me the cutest little package.

Can you believe it? I'm so thankful! She saw my bouncy ball post and really wanted to send these little guys. How sweet!

Anyway, just wanted to show Big Lots and Holly @ some love today.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Congrats!!

    My Big Lots never has anything. :-(

  2. Ahhhh, flakies!! I gotta check out Big Lots now!!

  3. Wow, haven't seen Colorama around in so long, flashback! (well, almost a flashback anyway...) But the orange flakies is awesome!

  4. I know! That's why I just HAD to pick it up!! Good luck to you all at Big Lots :)

  5. They are so small compared to your others but have fun! :D

    When I went to Big Lots last time, there was ONE Perplex and I was shocked... can't believe yours has tons of them! I actually picked up Sula polishes, that was why I went!

  6. Perplex is hard to find and in high demand. You should buy some more and SELL THEM! LOL

  7. oh my goodness! I didnt even know you could still find those flakies in stores. Awesome find!


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