Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Woo Hoo Blue!

To begin Swatch Month (which is probably going to turn into Swatch Week... sorry... it's just no fun), I decided what better to start with than the polish I won from Natalie's Nails! I won her Holographic "Onesie" Giveaway and she mailed me China Glaze High Def along with some other fun goodies.

I figured I would start with a swatch of this guy. Now, I thought High Def was not going to be as holographic as it is, but I was pleasantly surprised.

That is 2 coats of High Def. It applied so well. I was very impressed. Lucy decided she wanted to help me take pictures:

She had just come back from a skateboarding run with The Hunk and she was ready to model!

High Def was really nice. I really wanted to try a matte look with it, so I applied Essie Matte About You over top. It made the polish look like it had a suede finish, and unfortunately took away some of the holo effect, but I really like the final look!

So, will you be horribly disappointed in me if I just swatch for a week and not a whole month as promised? I miss nail art already!!! Also, do you like the new layout? Two thumbs up or down?


  1. A question... does the holo still show up as nicely with the matte top?

  2. Ashley - good question! For me, no. It didn't. The holo definitely muted it. It made it more of a suede looking polish. But I really liked it.

  3. Two thumbs up for layout! And whatever makes your nails happy, I always love looking at good nail art, so gimme some ideas! :D

  4. Pretty polish ! I think that you sould do what YOU think is funny ! Don't do a swatch week if you wanna do some nail art, we will like you and follow you anyway ;)

  5. I really love the Tronica collection. Hi Def is a fave of mine.

    I wouldn't blame you at all if you didn't swatch for a whole month! I'd miss the nail art, anyway.

    Plus, the new layout is great! A lot less distracting.

  6. I love the new layout! This is YOUR blog, do what you like...nail art. But honestly, whatever you decide is great. We will still follow this blog! :-)

  7. You all are awesome! Thank you!!

  8. Yay, I'm glad you got it! :) The High Def looks gorgeous! I love it with the matte finish, too! Great idea!

    Two thumbs up to your new layout. Very pretty! :)

  9. I don't know that I'd be able to do a month full of just swatches! Start small and if you like it, stick with it. If not, just do a few at a time. I never would've thought to make a holo a matte!


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