Friday, March 25, 2011

San Tan-Totally Not My Color

OPI, I love you. But for some reason, your San Tan-Tonio does NOT like me. I am bummed. It looked so pretty on Michelle over at All Lacquered Up, though she didn't even like it so much. Well, gosh dangit ya'll! I thought I had a winner with this one!

It looked so nice and "tan" in the bottle to me. I actually bought it because I thought (and still think) it would make a nice base to a leopard or giraffe print mani. But plain? No way, Josè! Next time I wear this one I will have to do some cool animal-inspired art on top so you can see what I was looking for when I bought this polish. But as for today? Not my favorite. I like the polish... but just not with my skin tone.

Oh, and I'm sure you can tell... I'm changing my mind a lot this week. Whether it's with polish, Swatch Week vs. Swatch Month, or my blog style, layout and colors. I came to a realization that the more simple the blog layout - the better. Do you agree??


  1. This is so not my color. I don't know that I'd get it even for a base for nail art. I like your previous layout, but that's just me.

  2. Hi Megan! Looks like we have "not liking" this color in common. I like both layouts... I saved the previous one's information so I can go back if I change my mind :)

  3. I picked this one up and then put it back; I was afraid it would be yuck with my skintone. I might still get it though, since I am drawn to pretty/ugly stuff.

    I can see the appeal of a simple layout; black text on white is especially nice for my overworked eyes. :)

  4. I think this color is pretty much yuck on everyone with lighter skin tones from the swatches I've seen. I also just don't like the color... personally I just don't get the whole grey, tan, brown color trend... I like bright, bold colors!! I think they look better with light skin! Sorry I don't have anything nicer to say! :D

    I also liked your blog layout when it was purple and bright! But I also like this one too...

  5. I like bold, bright colors, too! For nails :)


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