Monday, March 21, 2011

Polish Dilemma Results

The results are in!  Your votes have been tabulated and...
  • Would you prefer a MONTH of swatches only? 

The winner is clearly "YES!" Oh boy... what have I gotten myself into?

  • How often should I post?
Seriously. What did I get myself into?

Well, it looks like starting ... (well, when should I start? Now?) I will be posting EVERY DAY with new swatches. No new nail art for a whole month. Boo. Maybe I'll throw in an accent nail here and there. Would that be OK?

I hope you enjoy it...


  1. Oh, I missed it. Anyway if you enjoy doing nail art than do it... :) You can't satisfy everyone but at least you can be sure that you're doing what you want to do. :) You can always show first swatches and then do some nail art if you would love to. :)

  2. you can swatch multiple polishes in one day and then spread those posts out over multiple days :)
    its easier that way, and then you can still wear/post art because you'll have a bank of swatches to post!

  3. Pfft! I say do nail art anyway. Or do swatches and take a before art picture and then include the nail art later.

  4. Oh, my! I hope I didn't vote for that! You brave soul, you. I shall miss your creative manis. You've got my okay to throw in some accents.

  5. Of course you can do nail art mani if you feel like it! :) Don't turn the swatch month into your burden, it should be fun for you! :) You can always swatch the colours first and then do nail art on them, if you feel like it. :D

  6. I vote for showing us the color plain and then showing us nail art afterwards!


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