Thursday, March 24, 2011

Normally I Cherish Green, But...

Not this time. Today I swatched China Glaze Cherish. I don't know what happened with all the colors I picked to swatch this week (you'll see in upcoming posts), but they just do not look good on me!

I'm not a huge fan of metallic polishes. For Cherish I was able to get by with 2 coats, but even with a Seche Vite top coat it still looked streaky. I can't stand when polishes show brush strokes. Yuck. Also, this one shows any little imperfections. I accidentally had a piece of cotton from my cotton swab on my ring finger and it was very obvious. Embarrassing. This is just one metallic frosty color that I do not "cherish."

I will say that I do like Cherish for french manicures and nail art. It's also really fun to put Cherish on as a base and then layer with glitter, like China Glaze Sour Apple, or do black nail art. I wish I had done some before I took this off. I bet Cherish is also great for stamping, as I have heard that other colors from the Romantique Collection konad well.

(See the piece of cotton? Whoops!!)


  1. The color is pretty, but it's a little frosty for my liking. Do you think it would work as a stamping polish?

  2. With what Megan said, I would try that polish with stamping or stamping over it maybe.. just an idea :)

  3. Based on what I've seen on Ivana's blog, I think that the Khrome and Romantique Collections are GREAT for stamping. Definitely give it a shot!!


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