Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nail Care

I've received a lot of feedback from my N^3 Giveaway that you would like to see how I care for my nails. It had never even occurred to me to post about nail care so I'm incredibly glad that you all suggested it!

In fact, I'm rather embarrassed to say that I'm a slacker extraordinaire when it comes to nail maintenance and care.

Here are my basic tools for nail maintenance:

And I'm lucky if I use even all of these regularly. What you see are SeaCret Cuticle Oil, cuticle clippers, a really old nail file from Sephora, and a very rough file from Sally Beauty Supply. When it comes to nail care, I'm such a slacker! I don't buff my nails and I don't usually clip (or even push back) my cuticles... I just sort of file my nails until they're nice and square and that's it. Is that terrible?

I thought I'd show you a "before and after" of my nail maintenance. Here's the before:

(Ewww... peely nails)
See how there are some hang-nails waiting to happen? Also, my nails need to be filed and my cuticles need to be pushed back. I did each of the above. I knew I could have buffed my nails, but that usually just leads to my nails peeling so I skip it. Below, the "after" is pictured:

(Please don't judge my peely/stained nails! This is why they're NEVER naked!)
See, this is why I don't bother with nail care. I don't feel like anything changed. Once my nails are polished I can't really tell anyway... so... oh well. Can you see my nails are still stained blue a little? I can't wait until that has finally grown out!

So what do you think? Do you care for your nails religiously? Do you forego nail maintenance and just say "Who cares?" Or am I the only one?


  1. Mine get cuticle cream and lotion regularly, push-back on the cuticles with Orly Cutique once every 4 or 5 paint jobs. File and clip as necessary. That's it for me!

  2. Hmm... maybe this just shows how new to nail care I am... but what does cuticle cream do??

  3. I don't do too much maintenance with mine. I file around the edges of my nails and cuticles because I have dry skin. I sometimes soak them in warm water and hair conditioner which does basically the same thing as cuticle cream-just softens the cuticles to make it easier to push them back. I probably only do this quarterly though :/


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