Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Green & Brown Makes Me Frown

This polish pair/design could have been really cool. Due to the brown holographic awesomeness of OPI DS Illuminate plus the cool duochrome green shimmer that it has, I thought that adding a lime green design to it would make it awesome.

Not so much.

I began by cutting two pieces out of strips of Scotch Tape to create some racing-stripe lines.

Then, I applied CND Stickey Base Coat. After a moment, I painted each nail (except my ring fingers) with OPI Designer Series Illuminate. I painted 2 coats of China Glaze Tree Hugger on my ring fingers. I also added a quick coat of Seche Vite to the ring fingers to prep them to be taped. As soon as the Seche Vite had dried, I taped off my ring fingers and filled in the negative area with Illuminate. I pulled the tape off and was all finished. I sealed the whole mani with 2 coats of CND Super Shiney Top Coat.

This one was super-simple and took about 20 minutes. Unfortunately, I did not think it looked great with my skin tone and just couldn't bring myself to like it. For some reason, when you put topcoat over Illuminate (or if you're indoors all day like I am), the green duochrome doesn't pop like it should. Therefore, you're stuck with a mani in green and brown and it's sure to make you frown. Gross... not my favorite.

Here it is in my office... BORING:

And here it is with a typical blurry shot so you can see the awesome potential that Illuminate has:

It's such a fantastic polish... but not when I'm ghostly white, and not when paired with green. Bummer, right? What a mess. Let's just say this one lasted one whole day (barely). I usually like to get at least 5-7 days out of a mani, so I was pretty upset that I had to take this one off already. If only I had a konading set... I would've covered the green up in a flash with some pretty stamped designs!

*These polishes were purchased by me at Sally's and CosmoProf.


  1. I love how it sparkles! <3 I'm watching a design and they go together just perfectly - it reminds me of wrapping paper. :)

  2. I think the reddish brown looks good on you :) I don't really like the green either, maybe if it was a shimmery/glittery green? And they'd blend together nicely, just like I see in gel manicures

  3. Well, you don't like it, but I LOVE IT!! I must try something similar to Illuminate and try it on.

  4. Thanks Ivana & Joice! Green shimmer is a GREAT idea! I should've thought of that. I was thinking I'd be all "cool" and do a mis-match... bleh.

    And thanks Ulmiel!!!

    I love love LOVE holos!

  5. for what its worth, the lines are really clean! :D

  6. This isn't bad...I think if you used a more shimmery green, it would've been closer to your vision. Either way, that DS color is great!

  7. I will have to try your tape method ! ;) That DS polish looks awesome.

  8. You're to hard on yourself, it looks great!!

  9. Very cute ;)
    I like this green pattern ;)

    Follow me if u want:
    I'm following u now ;)
    xoxo ;*

  10. Between your post and my friend's post at http://yagottahandittome.blogspot.com/2011/03/needs-more-tronica.html I am going to buy some Opi DS in every color (or maybe just a few colors), it's so beautiful! Even though you don't like the green, it does not take anything away from the sparkle goodness of the brown. <3

  11. Thanks, ladies!

    I usually am too hard on myself. Glad you guys like the DS, too. That stuff is amazing!


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