Friday, February 25, 2011

Pink Leopard

Today is a happy nail day for me! I'm still so excited about the gigantic haul that I picked up on Wednesday. I just couldn't wait to get home to polish my nails. 

I have never attempted leopard print before (unless you count 4th grade nail art) and China Glaze Hyper Haute from the Tronica Collection was calling my name. Here are my pink and leopard nails:

SO CUTE, right (sorry I couldn't capture the holographic color better)? I have a huge presentation to give today (to 800 or so kids), so I went for something subtle. OK- maybe this isn't super subtle... but it's a lot more toned down than, for instance, my yellow swirls look. Yikes.

Anyway, this was a VERY simple look. I began with 3 coats of China Glaze Hyper Haute on every nail but the ring fingers. On the ring finger of each hand I applied 3 coats of China Glaze Empowerment. Then I applied a coat of Seche Vite on the ring fingers so the nail art would not mess up the Empowerment base (which it tends to do sometimes with the Migi Pens). After letting it dry for a couple minutes, I dotted Hyper Haute onto the nails to make randomly placed little blobs. After those dried for a minute, I used my black Migi Nail Art Pen to outline the blobs in the shape of a parenthesis. It was no problem that it was a little messy; that's what leopard print is all about! After outlining the pink blobs, I made a couple more dots with the black Nail Art Pen to fill in the blank spots. I finished with 2 coats of CND Super Shiney Top Coat. The entire manicure took about 30 minutes (with drying time included).

I have a couple notes about this polish: I had read somewhere that holographic polishes don't apply well over a base coat. Unfortunately, the first time around with this one, I applied a base coat. After the worst streaking and bare spots erupted that I've ever encountered (after just one coat), I removed everything and applied the polish with no base coat. It went on a lot easier and there were no bare spots when I finished.

Also, the Tronica Collection isn't as holographic as I thought it would be. My China Glaze OMG Collection Visit Me In Prism polish is brilliant outdoors and indoors. These Tronica ones do not appear to be very holographic indoors. How disappointing, right? Though I'm not super impressed, I have gotten loads of compliments on Hyper Haute today. I think it's worth purchasing... just not what I had expected :)

*These polishes were purchased by me at CosmoProf.


  1. The leopaard looks amazing!and the pink colours looks charming!

  2. Love the leopard as an accent nail!

  3. It's a very pretty pink, but I agree...if you're gonna be a holo, BE A HOLO!

  4. I love it!
    On one nail like that it's awesome!

  5. This is so cute!! I think I may try this one out :)

  6. The leopard is pretty but, god, that Hyper Haute is AWESOME !
    looks great on your nails !
    Xx. S

  7. Love it!

    Just to let you know I'm having a giveaway on my blog!


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