Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Crackle Glaze is HERE!!!

OMG, so excited. Now, you know I couldn't wait for Crackle Glaze to be sitting on the shelves in Sally to buy it. There's no way! I'm just not that patient of a person. So, of course I bought it ahead of time on Ebay... and it finally arrived! YESSS. Check these little guys out:

In order from left to right, we've got Broken Hearted (pink), Fault Line (purple), Lightning Bolt (white), Black Mesh (black), Cracked Concrete (gray), and Crushed Candy (teal). How cool are these, right? And I'll let you in on a secret... you can win 2 of them in my giveaway!

Now, I could've gone all out and used each of these tonight... but I'm still loving my Valentine's Day mani so much that I didn't want to take it off yet. So I just crackled the nails with no nail art. Am I smart or what? Here's Crackle Glaze Lightning Bolt over Maybelline Racey Red and my Valentine's Day mani:

And... interestingly enough, in the effort to "preserve" my hearts mani, I smeared fresh Racey Red through the big white heart because I didn't let the red dry for long enough before applying topcoat. Figures. I'm so mad it got so streaky! Racey Red... you are not my a red that I would recommend!

I'm sure I'll feature the rest of the Crackle Glaze eventually, but I just had to try Lightning Bolt on right away (i.e. I walked in the door from the gym, unwrapped the package, sat down and began polishing... no dinner or anything). I hope you like it and I hope you check back in the morning for my giveaway!!!


  1. Love the addition of the crackle to the mani! I am so jealous, I can't wait to get my hands on these!

  2. Ebay has them! Woo hoo. I just looked back and I'm so embarrassed on how smeared this pic is! Gah :(


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