Friday, February 25, 2011

Pink Leopard

Today is a happy nail day for me! I'm still so excited about the gigantic haul that I picked up on Wednesday. I just couldn't wait to get home to polish my nails. 

I have never attempted leopard print before (unless you count 4th grade nail art) and China Glaze Hyper Haute from the Tronica Collection was calling my name. Here are my pink and leopard nails:

SO CUTE, right (sorry I couldn't capture the holographic color better)? I have a huge presentation to give today (to 800 or so kids), so I went for something subtle. OK- maybe this isn't super subtle... but it's a lot more toned down than, for instance, my yellow swirls look. Yikes.

Anyway, this was a VERY simple look. I began with 3 coats of China Glaze Hyper Haute on every nail but the ring fingers. On the ring finger of each hand I applied 3 coats of China Glaze Empowerment. Then I applied a coat of Seche Vite on the ring fingers so the nail art would not mess up the Empowerment base (which it tends to do sometimes with the Migi Pens). After letting it dry for a couple minutes, I dotted Hyper Haute onto the nails to make randomly placed little blobs. After those dried for a minute, I used my black Migi Nail Art Pen to outline the blobs in the shape of a parenthesis. It was no problem that it was a little messy; that's what leopard print is all about! After outlining the pink blobs, I made a couple more dots with the black Nail Art Pen to fill in the blank spots. I finished with 2 coats of CND Super Shiney Top Coat. The entire manicure took about 30 minutes (with drying time included).

I have a couple notes about this polish: I had read somewhere that holographic polishes don't apply well over a base coat. Unfortunately, the first time around with this one, I applied a base coat. After the worst streaking and bare spots erupted that I've ever encountered (after just one coat), I removed everything and applied the polish with no base coat. It went on a lot easier and there were no bare spots when I finished.

Also, the Tronica Collection isn't as holographic as I thought it would be. My China Glaze OMG Collection Visit Me In Prism polish is brilliant outdoors and indoors. These Tronica ones do not appear to be very holographic indoors. How disappointing, right? Though I'm not super impressed, I have gotten loads of compliments on Hyper Haute today. I think it's worth purchasing... just not what I had expected :)

*These polishes were purchased by me at CosmoProf.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I have to admit... I've never published a "haul" post before, and I don't know if I ever will again... but I just had to share this beautiful haul with you.

It's all about BRENDA. What I mean by that is that my awesome-blossom friend from work, Brenda, in addition to being an irreplaceable MA at our non-profit clinic, also has her cosmetology license. Which means she gets to go to CosmoProf. Lucky. Thankfully, she was nice enough to let me tag along yesterday while she went to pick up her fancy shampoo.

Of course, I was floored the second that I saw their nail polish stash. They had the BEST China Glaze and OPI selection I had ever seen. They had the new OPI Texas and Katy Perry collections, but they also had past ones like the Designer Series collection (score!). They weren't slacking on their China Glaze, either. They had the Tronica and Christmas 2010 (minus Party Hearty - dangit) collections, and a whole assortment of colors that I can never find at Sally's. We only had 30 minutes to browse, so I was bee-boppin' all over the store and "ooh-ing and aah-ing" (and probably drooling a little) while I tossed a few polishes into my basket. Overall, I picked up 15 little beauties. And for wayyy cheaper than I could have gotten them anywhere else. CosmoProf- You are incredible. I'm thinking about going back to school to get my cosmetology license just so I can go visit CosmoProf everyday (yeah, every. day.) In fact, we're going back tomorrow and I'm getting more more MORE! Thank you, Miss Brenda. I also wanted to thank you for being an enabler to my addiction. You are amazing.

So, without further ado, here's that haul:

From left to right, all OPI (top): DS Extravagance, DS Illuminate, DS Magic
From left to right, all OPI (bottom): Gargantuan Grape, Done Out In Deco, The Color To Watch, Austin-Tatious Turquoise, Suzi Loves Cowboys, You Don't Mess With OPI

From left to right (top): China Glaze Empowerment, CND Super Shiney Top Coat, China Glaze White Cap
From left to right, all China Glaze, (bottom): Hologram, Gamer Glam, Hyper Haute

And... I couldn't share the others without sharing these with you as well. I picked these up (for full price, sheesh) from J&A Beauty Supply last Sunday:

From left to right: OPI Hot & Spicy, China Glaze Luna, China Glaze Sour Apple

So, since I'm going back to CosmoProf tomorrow... what ELSE should I pick up? I plan on snagging the rest of the OPI Designer Series Collection, OPI San-Tantonio, the mega-glitters from the Burlesque Collection... AAANNNNDDD.....?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Crushin' Prisms

I don't know if you're sick of Crackle Glaze by now... but I'm sure not! I couldn't wait to experiment with it some more. I have never owned a crackle polish before this collection, so I just can't seem to get enough of it!

I really wanted to work with Crackle Glaze Crushed Candy. It is the crackle dupe to China Glaze For Audrey. Also, I haven't seen anyone doing crackle over holographic polishes yet, so I just had to try it. Here's my "Crushin' Prisms" crackle/holo look:

I began with a coat of China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat on each nail. Then I added 2 coats of China Glaze Visit Me In Prism. I waited about 5 minutes for it to try before applying the crackle. When the holo polish dried, I put a very thin coat of Crackle Glaze Crushed Candy over it on every finger but the ring finger. It crackled right up (though not as much as I would have hoped). On the ring finger, I used my dotting tool and dotted large to small dots (in opposite directions) with China Glaze For Audrey. I finished with 2 coats of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat. The whole mani took me about 30 minutes. It would have taken less but I was extra picky to make sure the holo dried all the way.

I really like this look. My only problem with it is that the Crushed Candy didn't crackle as much as I had hoped. I think that since the Visit Me In Prism dried semi-matte, the Crackle Glaze had a hard time crackling over it. In fact, the Crackle Glaze seemed to crackle the holo underneath it as well. It really bonded to the holo and I think that's why the crackle effect isn't as great. If you're going to attempt a combo like this, I'd recommend a coat of Seche Vite in between the holo and crackle coats.

Happy President's Day :) I just signed up to run another half marathon (this will be our fourth) with my mom and I couldn't be happier! Cool nails + cool day = AWESOMENESS.

*These polishes were purchased by me at Sally Beauty Supply and on Ebay.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lacquer List

I've created a new page and it's called the Lacquer List!

Do you have a burning desire (ha) to see the polishes I own? Would you like to see what mani's are created with those polishes? The Lacquer List is your one-stop-shop to all your No Naked Nails polish questions.

This page is based on one reader's request (feedback from my N^3 Giveaway) to see my entire polish collection and what mani's I have created with the polishes. I think it was a pretty freakin' awesome request so I made it happen! Enjoy :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Water Marbling Tutorial

Today I had the pleasure of doing an amazing girl's nails. Her name is Crystal and she's a cutie patootie. She came over to get her nails done and when I asked her what she wanted, she said, "Something difficult." Now, when I think of difficult, I immediately think "water marbling." That is tough stuff. Let's just say Crystal was all about it.

We picked out our colors and got to work. I got out all the supplies:

I began with a coat of China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat. I then taped off the nails so clean-up would be a lot easier (and it really helped).

Next, I added 2 coats of China Glaze's White On White.

Look at those pretty nails! Then, I began dropping nail polish into our water dish filled with room temperature water.

After the polish is in the dish, you have to work very quickly with a toothpick (or other tool of your choice) to create the design you like.

Then, as soon as you have the design you want to use (we used the left side of the design in the dish), you dip a nail right on top of it in the water. Once the nail is submerged, you use your toothpick to clean up the polish in the dish and around the nail by dragging the toothpick through it. Once all the polish is removed from the dish, you can remove your nail and voila, you have a cool nail design!

OK, and I'll admit... we had originally picked out these colors and did NOT like them (for today, anyway). Not only did we not like the first color combo... but we didn't like the whole first hand of color combinations. I counted the polishes we tried and it totaled 14 polishes we used to experiment with. Sheesh. It took a LOT longer than it should have because we just couldn't find a color combination that we liked.

We ended up going with China Glaze Four Leaf clover and China Glaze Strawberry Fields. Strawberry Fields dispersed so wonderfully in the water and it made for a super-fun water marbled mani. We topped each nail with China Glaze Fairy Dust, just for the extra glitz, and then finished it off with one coat of OPI RapiDry Top Coat.

It turned out so fun! It was a beautiful mani that looked so nice on her long nails! Here's our favorite nail out of all 10... the thumb:

Ta-Da! We were finished. And now, I'll be completely honest. With all of the trial-and-error of this mani, the messed-up nails that I made, the bottle of polish that I spilled all over the counter (Oops!), and just chit-chatting, this took about 2 and 1/2 hours. That's wayyyyy longer than I would ever normally spend on my own nails and wayyyyy longer than I had the patience for (it normally doesn't take that long, I promise... it should usually take 45-60 minutes). You can ask Crystal, I was a tad miffed in the end. But it was fun for a girl's day. I hope Crystal loves her new mani, and I hope you liked my first tutorial! Maybe I'll try a video one next time :)

p.s. If you live in the Boise area and want a super-fun custom mani by Annelise, email me or call me and we can get together!

*These polishes were each purchased by me at Sally Beauty Supply or Trade Secret.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

No Naked Nails Giveaway... OH-YEAH! [[CLOSED]]


I am THRILLED to announce (da-da-da-daaaaaaa): the first No Naked Nails Giveaway (originally supposed to be my 50-Follower Giveaway)!

I can't believe how supportive you all are. THANK YOU for everything. No Naked Nailers, this is for YOU!

OK ladies & gents... included in that cutsie prize package is:
  • China Glaze Crackle Glaze in Cracked Concrete
  • China Glaze Crackle Glaze in Broken Hearted
  • Sinful Colors Green Ocean (we know it looks b'awesome layered over black, check this link)
  • KISS nail art package (3 stripers in black, white & silver and 30 cool nail stencils)
  • UPDATE: AND since No Naked Nails just reached 100 followers... there will be a special makeup prize added, too! See this link if you're curious about why I added this special prize :)
I am just too excited to give this stuff away. Have you ever had trouble with your nail art? Dude, Crackle Glaze delights your nails with the stroke of a brush. Can't seem to get those stripes on just right? KISS Stencils help you swirl and flower your nails into a fine masterpiece. Don't feel like doing either? Shoot- swipe a flakie over your base and you've got high-shine all over the place! 

OH YEAH-- This giveaway is open until Friday, March 11, 2011 11:59 pm Mountain Standard Time (cuz I live in Idaho, folks). Also, it's International friendly (woohoo)!!! I'll announce the winners before Monday, March 14, and the winner (chosen by will have 48 hours to check your email and get back to me (OR ELSE... I will chose another N^3'er)!

Now, you're saying... uh, Annelise... just get to it! What do we have to do? Fill out the form below (as much or as little as you like) and you're set! (I will not be accepting giveaway entries included in a comment. You MUST fill out the form).


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Crackle Glaze is HERE!!!

OMG, so excited. Now, you know I couldn't wait for Crackle Glaze to be sitting on the shelves in Sally to buy it. There's no way! I'm just not that patient of a person. So, of course I bought it ahead of time on Ebay... and it finally arrived! YESSS. Check these little guys out:

In order from left to right, we've got Broken Hearted (pink), Fault Line (purple), Lightning Bolt (white), Black Mesh (black), Cracked Concrete (gray), and Crushed Candy (teal). How cool are these, right? And I'll let you in on a secret... you can win 2 of them in my giveaway!

Now, I could've gone all out and used each of these tonight... but I'm still loving my Valentine's Day mani so much that I didn't want to take it off yet. So I just crackled the nails with no nail art. Am I smart or what? Here's Crackle Glaze Lightning Bolt over Maybelline Racey Red and my Valentine's Day mani:

And... interestingly enough, in the effort to "preserve" my hearts mani, I smeared fresh Racey Red through the big white heart because I didn't let the red dry for long enough before applying topcoat. Figures. I'm so mad it got so streaky! Racey Red... you are not my a red that I would recommend!

I'm sure I'll feature the rest of the Crackle Glaze eventually, but I just had to try Lightning Bolt on right away (i.e. I walked in the door from the gym, unwrapped the package, sat down and began polishing... no dinner or anything). I hope you like it and I hope you check back in the morning for my giveaway!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, Lovelies :)

I can't believe it took me until Valentine's Day to get a V-Day Mani posted. I took my sweet time procrastinating what to do for this one. I hope you love it. Here's my Valentine mani:

This look was very simple. I'm still into those crafty-shaped cut-out thing-a-ma-jiggers, and I knew I wanted to use the heart-shaped hole punch for this look.

I began with one coat of China Glaze's Strong Adhesion Base Coat. Then I painted each nail with 3 coats of Maybelline Express Finish polish in Racey Red. I applied a coat of Seche Vite to my two ring fingers to speed up the drying process. As soon as those 2 nails were dry, I stuck the tape to my nails. I filled in the hearts with China Glaze White on White. As soon as I had the hearts filled in, I pulled up the tape. I put another quick coat of Seche Vite over the hearts to seal it in. While waiting for those to dry, I used my dotting tool and White on White to create three small hearts on each thumb (just for fun). Since the design was still a little too plain for me, I grabbed my dotting tool again and used Racey Red to create a small heart in the middle of the big white heart on my ring fingers. To bling those up I added just a touch of China Glaze Mrs. Claus, which is a pinkey-red glitter. I finished with 2 coats of OPI Rapidry Top Coat.

It's a very simple, very STAND-OUT red mani, don't you think? Happy Valentine's Day! I hope all the single ladies are livin' it up with their girlfriends, and I hope the taken ladies are doing something romantic with their Hunks! Muah!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Coming Up: 50-Follower Giveaway!

I'm not quite ready to begin the giveaway yet, but ... Hot dog! You guys sure did take me up on my "Dare" post! And I also want to throw a HUGE shout-out to Jenny at Polishology... thank you for your blog post! If you're not a follower of hers... you better head on over and check out her amazing swatches and Konad designs.

I'm in the process of purchasing items for my 50-follower giveaway! I'm so excited! Stay tuned, No Naked Nailers... it's coming as soon as everything is here (Hint, I ordered some items from Ebay since they're not in stores yet...)!

Thank you for all your support :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


After attempting my first Scotch Tape mani last week, I was hungry for more. That tends to happen to me a lot. I usually try something, like the results, then repeat over and over and over again. However, I know you probably don't want to see shredded mani's forever, so I switched it up a bit.

Today I went for an over-the-top star-studded mani. It began like this:

Yep, those are cool star cut-outs in Scotch Tape made with star hole-punches (you can get them at any craft store). I began with China Glaze's Strong Adhesion Base Coat. Normally, I don't use a base coat, but after this mistake, I now realize why a base is so essential. After my base, I added 2 coats of China Glaze's Four Leaf Clover. Instead of the usual Seche Vite, I applied a coat of OPI's Radidry Top Coat (thank you Jenny @ Polishology for the recommendation). After that dried for a bit, I stuck the tape on my nails at random spots. I alternated nails and polished in the stars with China Glaze Lemon Fizz and Shocking Pink. As soon as I filled in the stars, I pulled off the tape. I outlined the stars with Milani Art of Silver striper polish and glitzed up the stars with China Glaze Fairy Dust. Finally, I added 2 more coats of OPI's Rapidry Top Coat.

It's a bit over-the-top... but totally fun & spunky, too.

AND, now that I've reached 50 followers (thank you AGAIN :) to Jenny @ Polishology), what do you guys want to win? I have an awesome idea for a giveaway... but let me hear what you think!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Truth or Dare?

Nevermind... only the wimps pick Truth (sorry if you're a wimp... I am sometimes, I'll admit it). We're just going to play Dare today. I really, really want to host my first giveaway. That would be so fun. But first, I would like some more followers.

So I DARE you to help me get 50 followers on this blog. When No Naked Nails reaches 50 followers, I'll do a giveaway. It will be a fun but small nail polish giveaway (since it's only my first one).

If you feel like accepting the DOUBLE DARE, I'll do a bigger giveaway. It will be a polish + makeup giveaway (and you just can't beat that). To fulfill the DOUBLE DARE, No Naked Nails needs to reach 100 followers. I know, I know... I only have 25 right now. But we can do it. I know it. I'm up to the challenge, are you?

So help a sister out! 50 followers = my first giveaway. 100 followers = makeup + polish giveaway. So spread the word amigas/amigos!

(Now for the real question... what would you want to win???)

**This post is duplicated on LastLash**
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