Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Water Marbling

Only 5 more days until Christmas! I'm stoked. I had a fun gift wrapping-inspired nail design that I wanted to do, but my hunk suggested I try water marbling because it just looks so cool. And when a guy gives you nail suggestions (like, when he actually cares about your nails), you listen. Well, I do anyway. So here it is, Christmas water marbling:

And here's the left hand nail marble design:

First, I painted on 2 coats of China Glaze's White on White. Then I marbled White on White with China Glaze's Ruby Pumps and Mistletoe Kisses. If you don't know how to do water marbling, it's pretty easy but really messy. Just YouTube "water marbling tutorial" and it will show you step by step. This is only my 2nd attempt so it's not too bad, right?

Merry Christmas & Happy Nail Marbling~


  1. Annelise.. this is SICK!! Do it to me!

  2. These are super cute. I suck at water marbling. I get it every where and I always have like 1 good nail and 9 bad ones.

  3. So I did this cuz' I was inspired. But I did it on my little sister...CAME OUT GREAT for our first attempt!! The first couple of nails where wack (first time!) so we re-did them, but the rest came out fabu. Thanks for the tutorial


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